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M.O.M.S, an Invitation July 17, 2012

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Last night, I registered for this year of M.O.M.S. that meets at Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory.  It is after 11pm on a camp night, but this opportunity is too great not to share!

The beginning of this year I was shopping at Sams.  When I got to the exit, there was a downpour.  A mom and a little girl stopped their cart beside me to observe the really-not-fun-to-load-a-baby-and-cart-full-of-stuff weather.  I was nearly positive the mom would think I was completely crazy and risk the rain to make a quick exit …but I asked if she would like me to hold her cart and baby while she pulled her car under the loading area.  Shockingly, she said, yes and I’ll do the same for you.  I reasoned that she was trusting me with her child first, and my van was close enough to the loading area to see my girls the whole few seconds I would be gone…so that’s what we did.  (Disclaimer:  I know, a few seconds is an eternity and anything could happen.  There was defintely divine intervention here!)  When I got back, we talked for a minute (we both have Lydia’s about the same age) and she told me about a group called moms….they met for Bible Study, had classes for the girls, and it was incredible…she mentioned the website and we said bye.

On the way home I thought about how great it would be to be in a group like she had described.  You read about such things in blogs, but I didn’t know there was one remotely close to us.  Her church name was familiar…106.9 advertised their launch and the guy who filled out our finincial papers when we bought the van had shared his testimony of how he had learned to actually be a Christ follower at Harvest. I over-analyzed it way too much, and finally decided that if it was less than $50 I would try it out.  I was pretty sure I was safe, because there was no way tuition for me and both of my girls would be less than $50.

I got home, looked up the website, and tuition was $40 for all of us.  I could not believe it. I thought of a few (hundred) reasons I could weasel out of my “if it’s less than $50, I’ll go.” I told Caleb about it and he suggested I try it.  I told him a couple (hundred) of my reasons why it would probably be a waste of time.  (And I had just gone to Hickory on Wednesday, to go back on Thursday is completely crazy to my hyper-type-a mind.)  He reminded me that I don’t ever do anything for myself, and that I should go…just once to see if I liked it. 

So, I went.  I got there late (and thought, maybe I’m so late I should just go home).  I went in, and there were two ladies in the vestibule…they were so gracious!  One turned out to be the director of the program and invited me back to her group after the other helped me find the girls’ classes.  Lydia and Rachel both screamed about being left…but their teachers were absolutely incredible and handled it extremely well!  I got back to small group, someone shared a book with me, we had great discussion.  During a break the director shared her testimony of how she had been saved in a moms group.  There was such love and passion for her fellow moms in her eyes.  It literally felt like I was talking to Jesus himself.  And I was hooked. 

I cannot tell you how wonderful the semester was.  I can tell you that through all of my excuses, the Lord was faithful to land me exactly where I needed to be this past spring.  I can also tell you that He is offering the same opportunity to you.  M.O.M.S. registration is now open at

Also, if you live in the Viewmont area and do not have a church home.  I cannot recommend Harvest highly enough.  We have only been one service there, but it was great!  I have never met or seen a congregation of believers like this one…they love Jesus, and they take seriously His call to love others and show Him to them.   



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