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Sweet Girls March 15, 2012

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Disclaimer:  Excuse the poor picture quality, I was trying to be sneaky and did not get it adjusted well!

Rachel and Lydia came to our bed wednesday morning and snuggled up together.  Ignore the Braveheart marks on Rachel’s tummy, she had a little too much fun with a window crayon the night before this pic…


Just when I thought that was so adorable, Rachel got up and came to the kitchen.  I asked her if we should go get sister so she wouldn’t fall out of the bed (our bed is about waist high on me, and the baby makes me nervous in it).  Rachel said, “no, I tucked her in, she’s still sleeping.”  And she had…


I thought I wanted a boy and a girl, then if Caleb would agree to more kids, another boy and another girl.  But this is a great example of how sweet my girls are together, wouldn’t trade for anything!  Thank you Jesus for my wonderful girls…


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