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Summer Update September 6, 2011

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Summer is a busy time at our house, and I know I am going to leave a ton of stuff out…but here goes a few highlights!

The big girls right before camp started…

Caleb bought a boat “as an investment” and found these brave comrades to try it out with.   

These girls make good office assistants

Sister love toward the end of summer…

I went to two summer weddings.  The first was my sweet friend Emilie from high school.  The one pictured below was one of the most special campers/staff I’ve ever had the priviledge to know, Callie.  They both had the sweetest weddings, and both had “In Christ Alone” as congregational hymns. 

We had a fun weekend in Boone.  First, we had a sleepover with my college roomate’s family.  The next day our favorite boy turned 2!  Rachel also threw up all over everything the whole day…not a highlight, but very memorable. 

from the birthday party, we went over to Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.  I did not remember how sweet it is to worship with these people!  If you are at ASU, I cannot recommend this college class highly enough.  Spend as much time as you can with these people!  The picture is with my friend Lindsay, who has moved across the country with her new family and I hadn’t seen since college.

Rachel turned 3.  She got these crazy pink star cowgirl boots from my mom and loves them…

We also got a long-awaited camper, thanks to a great deal in Carolina Country!  This was our first time using it.  We went to school with daddy.  We went a day early and stayed a day late so he could have time to play.  Then we went to chapel with him, visited Aunt Suzanne, and explored at the Durham science center (which I love!) on school day. 

At the end of summer, the girls had their well-checks together.  It was so cute, and of course I didn’t have my camera.  Rachel did so well (I was shocked), and loved the paper gown they gave her.  Rachel came in right around 31lbs and 37in.  Lydia was just 10 behind at right around 21lbs and 31in.

Rachel loved camp, and referred to the campers as all her friends.  She did a great job walking the hills, helping mommy, and going to chapel.  I think Mr. Mel was her favorite (and he was with us for 4 weeks), she still asks about him and talks about some of his tricks…especially the beautiful lives!  Jarod was probably Rachel’s favorite staff person (both of my kids and Caleb would probably trade me for him anyday)…but she loved them all.  She also had a lot of fun with the cook, Ms. Caryn.   

Lydia was a great baby as always.  She was super friendly when camp started and went to anyone, but toward the end her clingy stage was starting.  She can crawl like a champ and wants to walk so bad…which probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal if she wasn’t so big!  She popped her lips as her happy sound.


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