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May 2011 Update June 9, 2011

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From youngest to oldest…

Lydia had her 6 month well check this month – all is well.  We also found out she is in the 90th percentile; Caleb now calls her ninety.  She can sit up fairly well now and manages to move a little somehow.  She is generally still a very easy baby.  She can throw one more fit though – just take something from her and you will find out!  She is also highly offended if you walk by without speaking to her. 

Rachel is getting a little crazy as more people are around gearing up for summer.  She is very shy at first (thankfully), but once she comes alive she is there to entertain.  She has also learned to take things from her sister.  And taunt her sister by shaking something in front of her face saying “I’m teasing you.”  She is also a very huggy and lovin’ girl too, though.  She is likely the most clumsy child on the planet, and is pretty much one big bruise from the waist down.  She got this from me most likely – I run into things all the time and my chins are usually pretty bruised up. 

Caleb finished up his first year of college, YAY!  I think he knew a lot better about what to expect this semester.  He did much better at planning out his work, and he made the A/B honor roll.  He also played 101 holes of golf in the camp golf-a-thon, finished the goat fence this month, opened the camp pool, and has been getting everything else at camp ready too. 

I have been child and goat tending, gardening, and gearing up for camp this month as well.  My biggest accomplishment of the month was finally breaking down, going to the eye doctor, and getting new glasses. 

Our highlights of the month were:


We got to see the Gowdys, Skinners, Murdocks, and Blalocks!

Vacation at Carolina Beach!


Very successful May Workday at camp!

Faith and West got married!


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