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April Family Update May 11, 2011

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oops.  anyway, to catch up…

Lydia is 5 months old, she is growing like a weed.  Some people think she is Rachel’s delayed twin, some people think she looks more like Caleb – I really can’t tell with babies.  We are finally rolling over.  She loves to pull hair.  She makes some crazy faces that make me wish I could tape her 24/7. 

Rachel is wild always!  She loves Lydia and they are starting to be able to actually play together just a bit.  She uses the potty at her convienence, and is not very excited about using it all the time due to laziness.  She is a great outside helper.  She loves to go to church and her class – and announces that the church is here everytime we drive by. 

I’m going to combine Caleb and I – he’s done a lot of school work, I’ve typed a lot of school work.  We’ve been trying to get a goat fence up.  We’ve been pretty busy at camp – holding down the fort on current events and getting ready for summer. Caleb forgot that high school was quite some time ago and ran 5 miles, then played golf the next day, then couldn’t walk right for  a week. 


We had an Easter Egg hunt at church – which Rachel did not understand until it was time to leave, as usual. But, she did get to have some fun on the play ground.


And finally my mom made the girls super cute Easter dresses, Rachel slept through pictures – so we will try this again.


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