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March Family Update March 28, 2011

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Lydia is 4 months old now.  She weighed 15lbs 10oz at her well check last week, but Caleb and everyone at church thinks she gained a ton over the weekend.  She is  a super smilie baby, and loves to talk.  She will play with just about anyone, but her eyes really light up for her sister.  She can almost sit up on her own, but doesn’t roll yet.  She is starting to give her sister’s trademark mean face sometimes. 

Rachel is a little over 2 1/2 now.  I don’t think her size has changed all that much.  This month I asked her to sing the ABC’s to her sister, I thought she could get to about J or K, but she sang her the whole song!  She also likes to sing Happy Day – verses and all, and Jesus Loves Me.  She likes to help me paint and garden.  She has also learned to just hook Caleb’s 4 wheeler up and can just about start it – we’re going to have to start taking the battery out when it is parked!

Caleb is still working away on school stuff, but I think he’s getting faster!  He is also starting to use his reading in the real world, which was good at Bible Study and interesting in children’s church 🙂 

I am doing little projects here and there as I get time.  Lately most of the time has been going to gardening stuff – starting seeds, planting spinach, making a strawberry planter.  I’ve also been trying to do little things around the house – organizing and a little extra cooking – as I get time.  I’m very excited about our new-to-this-house book case – which will help get some stuff off the floor and looking better!

Caleb and Rachel went camping this month!  Lydia and I hung out for a while – but we came back home to visit with Faith and sleep in real beds 🙂  Rachel loves being outside, and would make a great Mogele (ignore my terrible spelling) from The Jungle Book.  She had gotten in the creek twice by the time Caleb got everything set up.

We had two birthdays last weekend – which has Rachel on a bit of a birthday kick, she sings the song and talks about presents a lot! 

We also (finally) got to go spend the night with Haley, who I lived with in college all 4 years!  We had been trying to plan this venture for at least a year, but it finally happened.  Friday night our senior year room mates Heather and Kristen came to hang out too.  Saturday we slept in and watched the kids play.  It was wonderful!

I also let the girls start taking a bath together this month.  Despite the fact that they are not photogenic (see above), they both LOVE taking a bath together!  It’s also much easier for me to give them a bath at the same time.


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