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Raised Bed for Strawberries March 24, 2011

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I bought some strawberry plants.  My mom has her’s in big wash bins, and I like the way it looks.  The bag also says it needs good drainage, so I wanted them in something up off of the ground, so I could control the drainage a little better.  So, I went on the hunt.  I found an old cooler that had been retired to holding rec equipment and wasn’t being used.  It looked pretty rough (not that it really matters what it looked like), so I also found some old paint we weren’t using and some paint brushes that were on their last leg.  I grabbed my helper and my supervisor and we went to work! 

We painted two coats of some sort of interior/exterior paint that appeared to be for either concrete or cars – the label was pretty much completely covered from whenever it was used last, so I’m not really sure what it was.  Maybe if we get adventerous later we can paint some sort of design on it, but it looks pretty good and works for now!  Now we just need to borrow husband’s drill to put some holes in for drainage, fill it up with some dirt, and plant our berries!  I’m very excited, they are supposed to be everbearing and have “high yield!”


2 Responses to “Raised Bed for Strawberries”

  1. kelly Says:

    Hey! Where did you get the plants??

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