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February Update March 1, 2011

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So, obviously, I haven’t started blogging regularly yet…but I thought I could do a quick family update!

We’ll go from youngest to oldest 🙂

Lydia is growing WAY TOO FAST!  She is 3 months old now, and a little over 14lbs.  She is a wonderful baby.  She likes to eat, smile at her sissy (and sometimes mommy and daddy), and sleep. 

Rachel is entertainment as always.  She is getting better at the potty.  She absolutely loves Lydia and pretty much has her spoiled with attention. 

Caleb is slaving away with school work.  I think he’s getting faster with it, and after these HOI classes are over the rest should seem super easy! 

I am an idea factory as always.  I’m currently collecting materials for crafts to do at camp this summer.  Sometime in the near future I hope to have a trial day for everything – exciting stuff!  When I’m not working, helping Caleb with homework or being wife/mommy I have been crocheting and knitting a lot. 

We are all looking forward to the end of winter.  I have been taking the girls for walks everyday in anticipation of it being pretty enough soon to leave the blankets and jackets behind! 

ok – I feel like that was very brief…but it’s better than nothing 🙂 

and the thing everybody wants from a monthly update…


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