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Idea Factory! January 1, 2011

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I am an idea factory.  I come up with crazy ideas all the time with no plan for carrying them out share them with the powers that be (husband or boss, pending the situation) and smile as they look at me like I’ve completely lost it!  Having an infant means the idea factory has been in overdrive, as I am awake a lot during not made for humans hours.  Due to the crazy looks from others, my ideas have been centered mostly around things I can do (after I catch up some on sleep). 

Now, let’s note:  I don’t make new year’s resolultions.  While I understand the theory, it’s just not good for me for a few reasons.

  1. I would wait until Jan. 1 of the next year, even if it is Jan. 3 of the current year for a needed change.
  2. During this wait, I would forget what the change was – perhaps that it ever existed.
  3. From what I can gather – most people have a fairly low success rate with these resolutions.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but that seems a good place to stop! 

But my idea factory overflow has coincided with the holiday, so this post will seem timely.  A few of my ideas are:

  • make things!  crocheted – hats and washcloths to start, jewlery – hemp, magazine necklaces, etc.  I can sell these things on etsy, maybe to finance my idea factory into reality.  Or give them to the camp store so we can have more reasonably priced items than the ones we have to buy from wholesalers.
  • start “home schooling” Rachel.  I noticed that she remembers a ton of stuff and is very smart.  I would like learning to be just a regular life thing for her and not a regimented school activity.  I would also like to capitalize on her ability to remember so easily (which I also posessed until I went to college).  So, I think we might start being intentional, while not rigid, about learning.  Hopefully to including the potty, simple building blocks of knowledge, and Bible verses…
  • Memorizing scripture.  I’m terrible at it.  So, after a long thought train that I’ll spare you – the plan is to begin memorizing verses based on the Jesse Tree.  One verse per month and knowledge of the background of the verse. 
  • Blogging.  So we will have a record of our journeys, maybe some feedback from you, and a bit of structure(I’m not great with structure)/accountability.  Now – the idea factory needs parameters to keep from spiraling out of control, so this is the plan (for now, that I reserve every right to change).  Monthly Monday – First monday of the month:  Bible verse, Second: craft, Third:  book review, Fourth:  family update, Fifth:  guest blog.  Teaching Tuesday – a record of what I am learning and teaching Rachel, maybe some cool techniques/activities if I stumble on any. On a Whim Wednesday -everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else:  kitcheny things, cleaning things, life stories, you get the idea. Thankful Thursday – an effort to appreciate how blessed I am and brag on the Lord.  Five Minute Friday – Tell you about something (fruitful or fun) that I accomplished in 5 minutes.  Series Saturday – Pick a topic and blog about it in a somewhat logical manner until I’m all out of ideas about it, then move on to another.  Starry Sunday – Phil 2 tells us to shine like stars.  We might think on how to shine like a star or look at an example of a bright star!

So – now that you know about all those ideas.  Blogging will remain random until at least February.  Remember the part about catching up on sleep.  I also want to have a few blogs stored up so hopefully, I won’t have to take a blogging break.  Now, it might remain random a little longer pending life (the children, how busy I am with camp things, Caleb going back to school, etc.).  But, I do hope to be a little more intentional about life – it just might take a while 🙂


One Response to “Idea Factory!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to read all about your life…I love the ideas of different days. I at one point had a blog but just couldn’t keep up with it. Now, I just like to stalk other people’s blogs! Hope yall are doing well…Miss my couponing buddy!!!

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