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Ignorant Baby Advice & Favorite Cleaning! December 30, 2010

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Random title, I know…but it really does tie together (in my mind).

Ignorant Baby Advice:  Sleep while your baby naps. 

Whoever came up with that one defintely didn’t have an adventurous no-nap two year old. 

So I put a load of dishes in and cleaned the bathroom hoping that increased activity would mean increased energy.  That’s slightly better advice.  And brings me to the question:  what is your favorite room to clean? 

Mine is defintely the bathroom.  There is minimal fabric (unlike the living and bedrooms), everything wipes off easily.  There are not tons of little components (unlike a kitchen or bedroom – I include clothes in this), less to move and wipe under.  Bathrooms are small – really small at my house.  It can be cleaned while Rachel is entertained in the bath.  The only part I’m not crazy about is the shower.  Overall it’s quick, easy, and makes me feel better.  If only people came in the house through the bathroom.  I guess it’s good the living room is my second favorite!


2 Responses to “Ignorant Baby Advice & Favorite Cleaning!”

  1. jenniferbunn Says:

    So remember when….summer 2003 when you and Miranda were checking cleaned cabins and left a note for the cleaners. It was because of a messy bathroom or something (Lucky for me I was cleaning the kitchen.) It said…lets play the game, find the razor in the bathroom…or something like that.

    Everyone was mad at you girls, and Caleb set the list on fire. Good times.

    Enjoy cleaning your bathroom. I agree about cleaning the bathrooms because it is small and minimal fabric. Bathrooms that have carpet really gross me out sometimes.

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