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Rachel has transportation! October 20, 2010

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On mondays when Caleb is at school, Rachel and I try to spend at least part of the day out of the house and possibly even doing something fun!  This week we were going to go to Hickory…

For her birthday, Rachel got a “Rock, Roll and Ride” tricycle.  She goes around in it some, but she’s not great with the pedals, so she usually doesn’t get very far.  This past weekend, she wanted to ride it to the Retreat Center – so we let her.  She got from our house almost to the road down to the ball field and we pushed her the rest of the way.  One journey was all it took to convince her that she was a fully liscensed driver.

On monday, after I got her dressed and ready, I said “are you ready to go to Hickory?”  “Mmmhmmm,” she said.  Then she genuinely – and as if she was making a big contribution to our day, very generously offered “Wanna ride my tricycle?”  “No baby, Hickory is too far to ride your tricycle.” 

Even though her offer was WAY unrealistic, it was a good one.  For one – it was hilarious.  But, more seriously, she was honestly wanting to contribute.  She thought of a way she could be helpful (kind of) and selflessly offered what she had (even if I didn’t think it was much). 

This reminds me of the widow who only had a little bit of money to give.  The Lord was more pleased with her selfless and sacrificial offering than all of the other offerings people gave out of abundance.  I hope I have the same heart Rachel and the widow did – I’m afraid it might not be the that way all (ok, maybe much) of the time, but I pray it becomes more so.


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