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Freezing Diced Tomatoes September 7, 2010

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I planted tomatoes this year – a lot of tomatoes!  So, I have been freezing tomatoes.  Today I had a large crop, so I decided to chronicle my adventure. 

First, pick the tomatoes.  They all look green because I picked them before I thought about blogging.

My harvest for today…

After washing the tomatoes, I set up shop.  I left the tomatoes in the strainer and put it on a towel.  I used one of my picking buckets for scraps.  And I got a pot to put the diced tomatoes in. 


Next, I cut the bad places out of the tomatoes (there are a lot in mine this year).  And diced what was left.   Thanks to my little beggar, I mean helper/quality control/taste tester, all of the tomatoes fit in one pot – barely!  I put enough water in to cover the bottom of the pot, and turned the stove on about 8. 

I let this cook until it came to a boil – probably 10-15 minutes.  Then packaged into plastic containers labeled “Diced Tomatoes 9/2010.”  I left them only partially covered to cool a bit before putting them in the freezer.

Now, I can pull a bucket out of the freezer when I need it.  This is good for chili, soup, and sauces.  I most recently used it to make Mexican chicken and beans.  I learned that since I don’t season the tomatoes prior to freezing the dish may need a little extra salt when cooking. 


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