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Guess How Much I Love You August 24, 2010

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We have a friend that always says “I love you, but He loves you more!”  I think this is very true, and I think it might be one of the most important things Rachel could learn.  So, at bedtime I always tell her “I love you, but Jesus loves you more than mommy (sometimes we expound:  more than anybody, because He’s perfect, etc).”  Then our bedtime prayer is “Thank you, Jesus, for loving me.  Help me learn to love you too.”  along with whatever else we might be thankful for that day.  

I was reading Rachel Guess How Much I Love You a few nights ago and one line stuck out:  “Big Nutbrown Hare had even longer arms.”  In this story a baby rabbit tries over and over to tell daddy rabbit an amount of love that can’t be outdone.  But daddy rabbit always outdoes him – and this line in the story explains why.  Daddy rabbit’s capacity is bigger! 

The same is true with Jesus.  His capacity to love us is bigger than our’s is to love Him.  There is encouragement though, our capacity can grow.  As baby rabbit grew his arms got longer.  As we grow as believers our spiritual arms get longer too!  We will never be able to outlove God (and really, is it so bad to lose that competition?), but our capacity to love God and the things He loves will grow as we spend time with Him and mature.


One Response to “Guess How Much I Love You”

  1. Rici Says:

    I love this! Every night before I tuck Teagan in I say “Mommy & Daddy love you to the moon and back”. I will definitely be adding the “but Jesus loves you more” to the end now.

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