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M.O.M.S, an Invitation July 17, 2012

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Last night, I registered for this year of M.O.M.S. that meets at Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory.  It is after 11pm on a camp night, but this opportunity is too great not to share!

The beginning of this year I was shopping at Sams.  When I got to the exit, there was a downpour.  A mom and a little girl stopped their cart beside me to observe the really-not-fun-to-load-a-baby-and-cart-full-of-stuff weather.  I was nearly positive the mom would think I was completely crazy and risk the rain to make a quick exit …but I asked if she would like me to hold her cart and baby while she pulled her car under the loading area.  Shockingly, she said, yes and I’ll do the same for you.  I reasoned that she was trusting me with her child first, and my van was close enough to the loading area to see my girls the whole few seconds I would be gone…so that’s what we did.  (Disclaimer:  I know, a few seconds is an eternity and anything could happen.  There was defintely divine intervention here!)  When I got back, we talked for a minute (we both have Lydia’s about the same age) and she told me about a group called moms….they met for Bible Study, had classes for the girls, and it was incredible…she mentioned the website and we said bye.

On the way home I thought about how great it would be to be in a group like she had described.  You read about such things in blogs, but I didn’t know there was one remotely close to us.  Her church name was familiar…106.9 advertised their launch and the guy who filled out our finincial papers when we bought the van had shared his testimony of how he had learned to actually be a Christ follower at Harvest. I over-analyzed it way too much, and finally decided that if it was less than $50 I would try it out.  I was pretty sure I was safe, because there was no way tuition for me and both of my girls would be less than $50.

I got home, looked up the website, and tuition was $40 for all of us.  I could not believe it. I thought of a few (hundred) reasons I could weasel out of my “if it’s less than $50, I’ll go.” I told Caleb about it and he suggested I try it.  I told him a couple (hundred) of my reasons why it would probably be a waste of time.  (And I had just gone to Hickory on Wednesday, to go back on Thursday is completely crazy to my hyper-type-a mind.)  He reminded me that I don’t ever do anything for myself, and that I should go…just once to see if I liked it. 

So, I went.  I got there late (and thought, maybe I’m so late I should just go home).  I went in, and there were two ladies in the vestibule…they were so gracious!  One turned out to be the director of the program and invited me back to her group after the other helped me find the girls’ classes.  Lydia and Rachel both screamed about being left…but their teachers were absolutely incredible and handled it extremely well!  I got back to small group, someone shared a book with me, we had great discussion.  During a break the director shared her testimony of how she had been saved in a moms group.  There was such love and passion for her fellow moms in her eyes.  It literally felt like I was talking to Jesus himself.  And I was hooked. 

I cannot tell you how wonderful the semester was.  I can tell you that through all of my excuses, the Lord was faithful to land me exactly where I needed to be this past spring.  I can also tell you that He is offering the same opportunity to you.  M.O.M.S. registration is now open at

Also, if you live in the Viewmont area and do not have a church home.  I cannot recommend Harvest highly enough.  We have only been one service there, but it was great!  I have never met or seen a congregation of believers like this one…they love Jesus, and they take seriously His call to love others and show Him to them.   



Sweet Girls March 15, 2012

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Disclaimer:  Excuse the poor picture quality, I was trying to be sneaky and did not get it adjusted well!

Rachel and Lydia came to our bed wednesday morning and snuggled up together.  Ignore the Braveheart marks on Rachel’s tummy, she had a little too much fun with a window crayon the night before this pic…


Just when I thought that was so adorable, Rachel got up and came to the kitchen.  I asked her if we should go get sister so she wouldn’t fall out of the bed (our bed is about waist high on me, and the baby makes me nervous in it).  Rachel said, “no, I tucked her in, she’s still sleeping.”  And she had…


I thought I wanted a boy and a girl, then if Caleb would agree to more kids, another boy and another girl.  But this is a great example of how sweet my girls are together, wouldn’t trade for anything!  Thank you Jesus for my wonderful girls…


Oven Fried Chicken September 30, 2011

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So, I stink at posting regularly…but this was too good not to share!  I was not planning to post this, so forgive the lack of pictures.  This was all that was left, less than one chicken breast.

It was loosely based on an old Ag Ext. Cookbook, I think – I don’t have it in front of me.  Of course, I didn’t have all of the ingredients – so I was pretty free with the instructions.  Caleb said I probably only followed the “add chicken” instruction. 

Know that I don’t measure anything, so everything is an approximate amount, that way I don’t have to note it on every ingredient.

First…mix (or let your 3 year old mix, if you’re in a hurry and your 9mo old is loosing patience) 8 oz sour cream, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp worchester sauce, 1 tbps garlic powder, 1 tbsp paprika, a little salt, a little pepper.  Let sit (or let 3 year old continue to mix to entertain herself).

Second…mix bread crumbs (maybe 1-2 cups), a little salt, a little Mrs. Dash, and some dried parsley.  I did this with a glove on my hand.  Remove glove, leave in pan ( I use it again, everytime I touch raw chicken – yuck!).  Preheat your oven to 350.

Third, cut up chicken breasts – especially if you are super picky about fat on your meat like some of us might be.  I had 3 breasts, a little over 2lbs., I first trimmed them and cut them into 3 pieces.  But I really like breading, so they each ended up in 5 pieces.  Put about 1/4c. butter in the microwave or on stove top to melt. 

Fourth…combine everything.  I made a line…raw chicken, sour cream mix, bread crumbs, well-sprayed glass dish.  Dip chicken in each on both sides (if you like breading,  I do it twice on each side for that step…also I pressed each piece of chicken with the heel of my hand so it would be a little flatter before I started dipping – I think this is one of the steps that makes chicken breasts so much better!).  Place in glass dish.  When you are done, drizzle butter over chicken.  Place in preheated oven for 1 hour.

I served with rice (1/2 c rice, 1 1/2 c water, bit of butter, 1/2 onion – start with about 30-40 min left in chicken cooking time.  Bring to boil, reduce, cover, simmer until chicken is done). 

And green peas (water to cover bottom of pan- start with 10-15 min left on chicken, bring to boil, add frozen peas, cover, bring back to boil, reduce. 



Summer Update September 6, 2011

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Summer is a busy time at our house, and I know I am going to leave a ton of stuff out…but here goes a few highlights!

The big girls right before camp started…

Caleb bought a boat “as an investment” and found these brave comrades to try it out with.   

These girls make good office assistants

Sister love toward the end of summer…

I went to two summer weddings.  The first was my sweet friend Emilie from high school.  The one pictured below was one of the most special campers/staff I’ve ever had the priviledge to know, Callie.  They both had the sweetest weddings, and both had “In Christ Alone” as congregational hymns. 

We had a fun weekend in Boone.  First, we had a sleepover with my college roomate’s family.  The next day our favorite boy turned 2!  Rachel also threw up all over everything the whole day…not a highlight, but very memorable. 

from the birthday party, we went over to Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.  I did not remember how sweet it is to worship with these people!  If you are at ASU, I cannot recommend this college class highly enough.  Spend as much time as you can with these people!  The picture is with my friend Lindsay, who has moved across the country with her new family and I hadn’t seen since college.

Rachel turned 3.  She got these crazy pink star cowgirl boots from my mom and loves them…

We also got a long-awaited camper, thanks to a great deal in Carolina Country!  This was our first time using it.  We went to school with daddy.  We went a day early and stayed a day late so he could have time to play.  Then we went to chapel with him, visited Aunt Suzanne, and explored at the Durham science center (which I love!) on school day. 

At the end of summer, the girls had their well-checks together.  It was so cute, and of course I didn’t have my camera.  Rachel did so well (I was shocked), and loved the paper gown they gave her.  Rachel came in right around 31lbs and 37in.  Lydia was just 10 behind at right around 21lbs and 31in.

Rachel loved camp, and referred to the campers as all her friends.  She did a great job walking the hills, helping mommy, and going to chapel.  I think Mr. Mel was her favorite (and he was with us for 4 weeks), she still asks about him and talks about some of his tricks…especially the beautiful lives!  Jarod was probably Rachel’s favorite staff person (both of my kids and Caleb would probably trade me for him anyday)…but she loved them all.  She also had a lot of fun with the cook, Ms. Caryn.   

Lydia was a great baby as always.  She was super friendly when camp started and went to anyone, but toward the end her clingy stage was starting.  She can crawl like a champ and wants to walk so bad…which probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal if she wasn’t so big!  She popped her lips as her happy sound.


May 2011 Update June 9, 2011

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From youngest to oldest…

Lydia had her 6 month well check this month – all is well.  We also found out she is in the 90th percentile; Caleb now calls her ninety.  She can sit up fairly well now and manages to move a little somehow.  She is generally still a very easy baby.  She can throw one more fit though – just take something from her and you will find out!  She is also highly offended if you walk by without speaking to her. 

Rachel is getting a little crazy as more people are around gearing up for summer.  She is very shy at first (thankfully), but once she comes alive she is there to entertain.  She has also learned to take things from her sister.  And taunt her sister by shaking something in front of her face saying “I’m teasing you.”  She is also a very huggy and lovin’ girl too, though.  She is likely the most clumsy child on the planet, and is pretty much one big bruise from the waist down.  She got this from me most likely – I run into things all the time and my chins are usually pretty bruised up. 

Caleb finished up his first year of college, YAY!  I think he knew a lot better about what to expect this semester.  He did much better at planning out his work, and he made the A/B honor roll.  He also played 101 holes of golf in the camp golf-a-thon, finished the goat fence this month, opened the camp pool, and has been getting everything else at camp ready too. 

I have been child and goat tending, gardening, and gearing up for camp this month as well.  My biggest accomplishment of the month was finally breaking down, going to the eye doctor, and getting new glasses. 

Our highlights of the month were:


We got to see the Gowdys, Skinners, Murdocks, and Blalocks!

Vacation at Carolina Beach!


Very successful May Workday at camp!

Faith and West got married!


New Family Members… May 29, 2011

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and NoName (who is ironically the most friendly)

would like to welcome you to their new home (our backyard)


April Family Update May 11, 2011

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oops.  anyway, to catch up…

Lydia is 5 months old, she is growing like a weed.  Some people think she is Rachel’s delayed twin, some people think she looks more like Caleb – I really can’t tell with babies.  We are finally rolling over.  She loves to pull hair.  She makes some crazy faces that make me wish I could tape her 24/7. 

Rachel is wild always!  She loves Lydia and they are starting to be able to actually play together just a bit.  She uses the potty at her convienence, and is not very excited about using it all the time due to laziness.  She is a great outside helper.  She loves to go to church and her class – and announces that the church is here everytime we drive by. 

I’m going to combine Caleb and I – he’s done a lot of school work, I’ve typed a lot of school work.  We’ve been trying to get a goat fence up.  We’ve been pretty busy at camp – holding down the fort on current events and getting ready for summer. Caleb forgot that high school was quite some time ago and ran 5 miles, then played golf the next day, then couldn’t walk right for  a week. 


We had an Easter Egg hunt at church – which Rachel did not understand until it was time to leave, as usual. But, she did get to have some fun on the play ground.


And finally my mom made the girls super cute Easter dresses, Rachel slept through pictures – so we will try this again.